Musician Safety During COVID-19


To all Austin musicians,

The first priority of any community must always be the safety and health of its members. COVID-19 has affected us in an especially devastating manner, as we musicians, venue staff and production workers have been stripped of our main revenue source all at once. With today’s announcement by Governor Abbott to close bars and music venues again, our community is dealt yet another blow as we wait to return to work with seemingly no clear end in sight. The effect is financially and mentally draining, putting us in a vulnerable position to accept offers that may place us and those we care about in danger.

It is the recommendation of the Board of Directors of Austin Texas Musicians that musicians no longer accept public live performance opportunities until the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, or until there is a reasonable consensus by public health officials that it is safe to return to work.

This recommendation includes: In-person performance opportunities at bars, nightclubs, music venues, restaurants, weddings or private events.

If you or your band are asked to perform at any one of these events and are considering accepting the offer, or have questions about Livestream performance opportunities that require you to visit an offsite location, we ask that you please review the safety guidelines outlined here:


Love & Music,

M. Patrick Buchta,
Executive Director
Austin Texas Musicians